Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dan’s Blog
November 14, 2010

The first two weeks of October, 2010, were an amazing highlight for Sandi and me, and I believe for our whole movement here in the MidAtlantic. We had the opportunity to host a team of 5 Ukrainian pastors and 2 interpreters, with the help and fantastic support of several of our MidAtlantic churches that have been involved in Love Lift Ukraine. We were really worn out at the end of the 2 weeks, but we were also incredibly blessed. And we are seeing the vision for involvement in Ukraine blossom before our very eyes.

This team of pastors came from the Rivne region in western Ukraine, the area where much of our MidAtlantic sistering ministry is happening. They met with pastors and leaders in the Metro Washington D.C. area, they helped to facilitate a stimulating Ukraine Summit at our Poland, OH ministry center, and they ministered in their sister churches and in various other church settings all across our region. God challenged my heart to stay connected with the work in Ukraine. Part of the encouragement came from hearing wonderful words of gratitude and appreciation for our partnership in the Rivne region in Ukraine. Both the Ukrainians and American partners shared one story after another of how their lives and their churches have been enriched through the partnership. It really warmed my heart.

We also heard from Tania Martin
our missionary in Ukraine from First Baptist, Glenarden. She talked about what God is doing in and through her life. And she shared her thoughts about the kinds of ministries that she feels are needed to be the focus of our sistering ministry in Ukraine as we move forward. She talked about English classes and camps, about ministry to orphans and in orphanages, and she talked about sports ministries and how this can really make an impact in Ukraine.

Natasha Parker,
our missionary appointee to Ukraine from New Vision church
also shared her heart for Ukraine, and how God is calling her to serve in that country. I was personally challenged to do everything I can to help see Natasha’s support fully underwritten, so she can get started in her language study and then ministry in Ukraine. Please pray with me about this need.

Another blessing was seeing how God opened the eyes of many in our movement to a new opportunity for ministry and kingdom expansion in another culture. We had the opportunity to visit some of our churches that have not been involved in Love Lift Ukraine, and every place we went, there seems to be an openness and interest. I’m praying that God will keep this interest growing and alive.

Thanks to all who helped give leadership to this stimulating 2 week journey. It was truly a wonderful blessing to me personally, and I believe helped to jump start the vision for Love Lift Ukraine in a whole new way. Praise to Jesus!